Rocket Series Propeller

Rocket Series Propellers

Maximum Performance • Lightest Weight • Best Quality
Quiet and Smooth Operation • Complete Propeller & Spinner Package • Competitive Price

The Whirl Wind 400 Rocket Propeller System is a three blade, 79” swept tip non-counterweighted propeller designed for the IO-540 equipped F1 Rocket and similar airframes.  The system consists of carbon fiber blades with nickel leading edge erosion shields, aluminum hub, and a 15” diameter composite spinner.  This propeller can be flown in the rain and off unimproved airstrips.

The 200 Rocket Propeller system is a two blade, 78” swept tip non-counterweighted propeller that has proven to be an exceptional performer on high horsepower four cylinder engine equipped clean airframe designs, such as the RV8, Lancair, Glasair, etc.  It delivers outstanding take off and climb performance and reduces fuel burn in cruise, especially at high altitudes.

Like our successful 200RV design, our Rocket propeller blade is a true Betz, Goldstein, Theodorsen (BGT) minimum induced loss blade design.  The airfoil is a mathematically perfect shape blade like the elliptical wing platform of the Spitfire fighter.  A BGT blade design produces less drag and therefore decreases the torque demand and required horsepower, resulting in maximum thrust and maximum efficiency.

What does this mean for you and your high performance airplane?  Greater performance, higher cruise speed, increased efficiency and lower propeller noise.

Whirl Wind has made significant improvements in the construction of the carbon composite propeller blades ensuring a strong, light and durable propeller system with unlimited life. There is no question that our Rocket, with its performance and clean, good-looking lines, is the perfect finishing touch for your hot homebuilt!

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