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Submitted by: Rick Gray

Whirl Wind Aviation RV's and Rockets

In regards to choosing a propeller:

Whenever I build ANY PART for one of my planes it has to meet three criteria:

  1. has to be safe
  2. has to be functional
  3. has to LOOK GOOD

I'll just say that the MT prop meets (2) of my rules.

The Hartzell meets all (3). The Whirlwind meets (1) & (2) and exceeds #3.

I've built and flown my share of RV's and Rockets, and flown in or alongside them with just about any prop/engine combo you can imagine.  The Whirlwind prop is by far my own personal favorite in overall performance, looks, sound, reliability, and customer service.  That's why I gladly accepted when Whirlwind asked me some time ago to be a dealer for their propellers.

Everyone that knows me knows that I call 'em like I see 'em....good or bad.  If you want to talk about my 400 Rocket prop slip me an email or call.


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